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102 Uses for a Sonic Screwdriver - pt 49 - Jack/Nine/Rose - NC17

This is sooooo NC17.

Doctor Who belongs to the BBC, et al.

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From his position, beneath Rose’s curvy form, Jack could see the anticipatory pleasure that flickered over her face as the Doctor held the tip of the strap-on just at the right angle. Her hands flexed in the sheet next to ‘his’ head and he nearly moaned just by watching the emotions that were playing on her face.

’He’ sucked in a breath as the tip once again breached this delightfully responsive body. Nipples that had only just begun to soften tightened into hard peaks, pointing up at Rose as if to blame her for it all.

That same breath was exhaled in a loud moan as the strap-on twitched within him, expanding just a bit; conforming to fit the interior of his body perfectly.

God, he loved technology.

Rose whimpered as she slid in another inch, her face a mask of bliss. The strap-on was relaying little sparks of feeling right to her clit, from what Jack knew about the toy. Every motion she made that should cause ‘him’ pleasure, also gave her some. It was a real win-win situation.

The Doctor removed his hand, sitting back on his heels to look at them. He was already hard again, but was giving the sonic screwdriver the attention that it supposedly needed. A good washing.

Oh, dear lord! Jack moaned as the Doctor ran his tongue along the tip of the screwdriver, throwing a wink ‘his’ way as he did so. He shifted beneath Rose –

-- and then she was there, filling him completely. Jack moaned and arched up before he could stop himself, impaling himself even further on that hard length of strap-on. He babbled something that he was pretty sure was supposed to be ‘please, more, harder’ and Rose grinned down at him.

Her hips flexed and Jack groaned. ‘His’ hands came up to Rose’s shoulders, clutching at her. She was soft where the Doctor had been hard. Curvy where he had been all lean muscle. Jack caught the rhythm, slowly but surely, and the hands that had scrabbled for purchase on Rose’s smooth skin now let loose their death grip. He bucked beneath her, angling his hips up toward hers with each thrust, matching her tempo with rocking of his own. The base of the strap-on was rubbing at his clit with every thrust of Rose’s hips and Jack could already feel the orgasm building within him.

Thank goodness for 51st century genetics – he could go all…night… long.

Right now wasn’t looking so good for staying power, though. Not with Rose doing that little push with her hips every time she met his upward arch. What he needed was to distract himself from that – oh, god, that feeling.

The dangling, bouncing globes of Rose’s breasts were the first thing that caught his eye. The delicate pink areola, jiggling between them as she thrust in and out of his clenching tightness. Jack licked his lips, leaning up on his elbows. He ducked his head and grabbed hold of one of those taut buds with his teeth. The movement disrupted Rose’s rhythm for a few shaky thrusts, before she picked it up again. She moaned into his ear, whispering, “Bite…bitebitebitebite.”

Jack did as he was told. He nibbled on the stiff nipple, holding it in his teeth as he swirled his tongue around it. Half-sitting like this was different from being on bottom or top and he was liking every second.

Too bad, so was his body.

Jack tore his mouth away from Rose’s nipple, crying out as the edge of his release approached. He whimpered, mouth seeking something, something…

… Rose’s mouth met his, the vibrating moan of her release mixing with his own as she continued to thrust into him. Not as steady, shaky now as the orgasm caused her body to tremble. She was shaking above him and he was shaking beneath her and it felt like he would come apart from the pleasure, melt right into the very bed they were lying upon.

He fell back with a sigh, licking his lips. He could feel his inner muscles still clenching around the toy. Could see the slight tremble of Rose’s lips as her own body continued to spasm from the aftershocks of her release.

This was incredible.

Really incredible.

“That was fantastic.”

Jack turned with Rose almost as one to look at the Doctor. He heard her gasp, heat in the whispery sigh; even as his own eyes went wide.

The Doctor was sprawled on the bed, leaning against the wall. He had his legs out in front of him, cock hard, ready and in his hand. With quick, hard strokes, he pumped it as he watched the two of them. Jack got the feeling he’d been doing that the entire time, too. Half-lidded, bedroom eyes roamed over their still entwined forms and Jack could almost feel the need rolling off of him when the Doctor spoke next.

“You’re not tired yet, are you?”

So -- c'mon, then, booster17 - hit me with your best shot. What's it gonna be next, hmmm? More body swapping? Some hot m/m? C'mon. I'm not afraid. *teases and taunts*
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